Over twenty years ago, the Lung Cancer Alliance conceived and launched Lung Cancer Awareness Day (LCAD) in the United States. The aim was simple: to increase the recognition of the symptoms of lung cancer, which commonly include a persistent cough, fatigue and loss of appetite.

Due to the ambiguity of these symptoms they may initially be disregarded by patients, meaning the majority of patients are diagnosed at a late stage.1 Increasing the awareness of symptoms and diagnosing at an early stage are key to tackling the burden of lung cancer. If diagnosed at an earlier rather than an advanced stage, patients with lung cancer have a 13 times higher likelihood of living for five years.2

As a result of the expansion and galvanisation of the lung cancer community across the world, awareness activities increased exponentially and LCAD evolved from a US-centred awareness day to a global campaign now known as Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM), which takes place each year throughout the month of November. During this time, more than two decades on, our understanding of lung cancer has advanced significantly, resulting in major progress in both diagnosis and treatment.

Despite these huge strides, there is still no cure for the advanced stages of lung cancer and patients will often become resistant to current therapies. We believe that every patient with lung cancer should be provided with an effective treatment option, so our work continues through our continued commitment to research into over ten medicines for lung cancer treatment. This November, we are proud to be supporting LCAM as part of our commitment to patients with lung cancer.

This LCAM, we’re launching our "Lung Cancer And Me: Different Types. Different Journeys." campaign to share the personal perspectives of those affected by this complex disease, to improve understanding and support the need for early diagnosis and treatment.

You can help to raise awareness of the disease and support those affected by lung cancer by:

  • Sharing your own story or a message of hope to people affected by lung cancer on social media, using the Lung Cancer And Me hashtag #LCAndMe
  • Sharing this page and our Different Types. Different Journeys, on social media, using #LCAndMe
  • Liking and sharing posts with #LCAndMe on social media, in support of the "Lung Cancer And Me: Different Types. Different Journeys" campaign

My lung cancer journey


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