Pioneering a new era in cancer diagnostics


Roche is pioneering a new era in cancer diagnostics to address the most life-threatening of cancers.

Innovative technologies such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) and liquid biopsies are transforming oncology across the care continuum, facilitating the evolution of personalised healthcare to its ultimate objective: patients receiving treatment tailored specially for their disease.

Roche is exploring scientific and technological advances and their application in oncology, as well as in other areas such as pre-natal testing and in infectious disease. Liquid biopsies for diseases such as lung cancer promise a less invasive and more responsive approach to patient care informed by closer and more convenient monitoring of the disease.

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Personalised healthcare from bench to bedside

There is nothing more personal to an individual than their genome, and new technologies that allow us to sequence it quickly will support better treatment decisions for patients.

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