Promoting early detection of breast cancer in Indonesia

The challenge

Breast cancer is the most common cancer found in Indonesian women. Due to geographical and socio-economic conditions, access to accurate and reliable information about cancer is a key challenge. Furthermore, women may not seek professional help and cancer can be considered as a death sentence or an illness with unaffordable care.

What we’re doing

To improve understanding of breast cancer, we are conducting an early detection campaign that teaches women how to do self -breast examinations (called “SADARI” in Indonesian), and we are teaching medical personnel how to perform a clinical breast examination.We have extended our partnership with oncology doctors to include midwives and general practitioners in this campaign. These healthcare front-liners are the preferred medical experts of people living in villages and remote areas of Indonesia. The campaign is being conducted in partnership with the Indonesia Cancer Foundation and GE Healthcare Indonesia. To encourage broader adoption of self-breast examinations, the campaign relies on regional and local government endorsement through direct involvement of governors and/or mayors to improve awareness and acceptance in local communities.

Our impact

From just two educational events, the campaign has trained 1,100 women and 100 doctors and midwives.