Melanoma Heroes: Be a Hero

Be a Hero

Meet our Melanoma Heroes. They are normal people living normal lives. Some are patients, bravely working to overcome each challenge that comes their way. Others faithfully support those suffering in its wake or take steps to prevent its onset or lead the way to a cure.

The burden of Melanoma


Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer; more than 232,000 cases diagnosed worldwide every year.1

One person dies from melanoma on average every 53 minutes.2


Yet 90% of cases are preventable.3

Melanoma Heroes: Be a Hero

Be a Hero

Click on each group below to find out what simple, practical things you can do to make a difference.

Caregivers and patients

Researchers and physicians

Prevent – Heroes protect themselves and those around them

  • Protect


    Apply sunscreen generously, even on the greyest of days – UV rays are present even when the sun isn’t!

  • Cover up

    Cover up

    The sun’s rays are strongest between 10am and 2pm. If heroes go out between these times, they make sure everyone wears long-sleeve clothing, sunglasses and a hat.

  • Educate


    Heroes learn their ABCDEs (asymmetry, border, colour, diameter and evolution of a mole) and teach others to spot the signs of melanoma. They also check their skin on a monthly basis.

Support – Heroes go above and beyond to help others with cancer

  • Listen


    Heroes support their loved ones during their melanoma diagnosis – they go along to appointments and support the treatment journey.

  • Hope and strength

    Hope and strength

    They care, listen and provide strong shoulders to lean on. Patients are the bravest of heroes, taking things one day at a time, never losing sight of what’s important.

  • Share


    Heroes support the community by raising awareness of the disease and reaching out to others who are touched by melanoma.

Lead the cure – Heroes find solutions to extend and save lives

  • Innovate


    Heroes work tirelessly on research and clinical development in the hope of discovering new scientific breakthroughs.

  • Care


    Heroes work to improve the lives of people with cancer – ensuring effective and safe treatment strategies.

  • Collaborate


    Researchers, physicians, patient advocates and other industry players work together to ensure the latest innovations reach patients.

You can Be a Hero too!

Use the hashtag #MelanomaHeroes and tell us what you are doing to Be a Hero.