Our research aims to provide effective cancer therapies

About oncology

Research and Development in the Disease Area of Oncology aims to provide effective cancer therapies through the discovery and development of novel therapeutics that target the specific molecular pathways associated with cancer.


Roche searches for potential cures

Our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of tumor development and how tumors spread has continually improved. This helps our scientists to target the processes that lead to cancer. This is an area where biopharmaceuticals, and especially highly specific antibodies, play an important role. Our goal is to use modern technologies to make these biopharmaceuticals even more effective in the future.

Precise diagnosis – The key to successful treatment

Precise diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. Biomarkers, i.e. components of our body cells that can be used as indicators for the disease, will enable doctors to determine which cancer type a patient has much more quickly and specifically.

Roche is also working to identify tumor markers that will detect tumor cells long before the first symptoms become apparent. This information will help physicians to initiate targeted and effective treatment without delay, thereby enhancing patient well-being and decreasing the cost to the healthcare system.

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