Right now, we are living through the most exciting and inspiring time in the history of cancer research and drug discovery.

Our deep understanding of cancer disease biology enables us to understand now more than ever how cancers grow and potentially where they are vulnerable, so that we can attack them in multiple new ways.

Despite years of progress, cancer remains a devastating disease. In 2015, almost 16 million people were diagnosed with cancer, while 9 million people died of cancer*. Thus, there is a huge unmet medical need. Our Roche Pharma Research and Early Development Oncology scientists and translational medicine experts are dedicated to developing new medicines to potentially extend and improve the lives of cancer patients.

In collaboration with renowned scientists in academia and biotech companies around the world, our discovery scientists and translational medicine experts work hand in hand together to transform science into medicines. To attack cancers, we focus on three different aspects: we target tumour cells directly, we target the tumour microenvironment, and we target and harness immune cells to attack cancer cells in new and different ways.

Lung cancer under the microscope


The image shows a non-small cell lung cancer surgical biopsy stained with immuno-fluorescence assay candidates developed for full slide automatic analysis on the Roche IRIS platform. It displays T cells in green (CD4+ T cells), red (CD8+ T cells) and cyan (CD3+ T cells), which are infiltrating a tumour nest and engaging the tumour cells, which are marked in yellow (Ki67+). The cell nuclei are marked with a DAPI counterstain in dark blue.

The AACR Annual Meeting is the largest of its kind in the world for cancer researchers and the broader cancer community and attracts more than 18,000 researchers from over 60 countries each spring. Our scientists and translational medicine experts look forward to engaging with cancer researchers and other stakeholders at this year’s meeting in New Orleans on the topic “Delivering Cures Through Cancer Science”.

This meeting is a great opportunity to listen to other colleagues’ experiences and to share our insights on how we strive for a seamless transition between the lab and the clinic so that we can develop innovative effective molecules in the most efficient manner for our patients.

*Source: American Association for Cancer Research, AACR Cancer Progress Report 2015, Clin Cancer Res;21(Supplement1):S1-S128

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