Neuroscience Symposium


A revolution in understanding of brain function is occurring across genetic, molecular, and circuit levels in humans and models of mental illness. This profound development, owing to its very success, has resulted in a complex scientific landscape, and unwittingly diluted the field with multiple potentially relevant molecular pathways and candidate biomarkers of brain circuit dysfunction. This complexity leads to challenges in deciding upon best practices to endorse within pharmaceutical drug development programs in Neuroscience.

The Roche Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED) Neuroscience disease translational area (DTA) unit organized a one-day symposium entitled "Genes, Circuits, Behavior: Developing New Translational Approaches for Mental Health". The goal of the symposium was to bring together leading basic, clinical, and translational investigators and members of the Roche Neuroscience DTA to discuss optimal approaches to drug development for mental disorders.

We are pleased to provide a summary report covering the topics presented and discussed at the event, alongside a selection of videos where attending external experts and members of the Roche Neuroscience DTA provide their opinion on the event and associated themes.