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Innovation is at the core of Roche’s leading position in oncology.


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The emphasis is on systems biology, biotechnology, translational medicine, biomarkers, modelling and simulation to drive and deliver world-class life science and ultimately novel therapeutics to patients in need. Together with Roche colleagues from the Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostic Divisions, Roche Oncology is focused on bringing new, medically significant therapies through the implementation of Roche’s Personalised Healthcare (PHC) strategy.

Thanks to our oncology footprint in our numerous sites – from Basel and Zurich in Switzerland to Munich in Germany, New York in the USA and Shanghai in China – Roche Oncology is focused on continuing the pioneering biotechnology work and tradition established more than 30 years ago, including therapeutic antibodies, engineered antibodies, small molecules, and the new expanding area of cancer immunotherapy.

Roche Partnering is exploring external innovation and emerging technologies to create sustainable, value-adding industry partnerships. We are actively looking for partners to bring in the first- and best-in-class therapeutics in the fields of molecular targeted therapies and cancer immunotherapy. In the expanding field of cancer immunotherapy, we are looking for large and small molecule therapeutics against novel targets to complement and synergise with our existing pipeline. We are particularly interested in therapeutics that modulate immune effector cell functions and the tumour microenvironment in favour of immune-mediated tumour-targeted killing, ultimately engineering a systemic modulation of immunity against cancer.

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Christian helps to develop novel antibody-therapies, which use the body's own immune system to help fight cancer.

As part of our personalised medicine strategy, we are also focused on molecular information.  We firmly believe in the importance of various forms of data, including genomic and patient outcome data. We are interested in partnerships that provide access to platforms, technologies and data that foster our interest in healthcare data. Two examples of collaborations we have signed in this space are Foundation Medicine and Flatiron Health.

We are also interested in signing clinical trial collaborations in the field of cancer immunotherapy to develop innovative combination therapies for patients. Agreements we have signed include collaborations with numerous biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

If you have a promising drug candidate in oncology or cancer immunotherapy, a molecular information product, or a cancer immunotherapy clinical trial collaboration proposal, why not get in touch with us?

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