LabCentral Golden Ticket

The winner of the Golden Ticket will be granted access to the facilities of LabCentral, Boston for one year

Published 1 June 2021           
ertain conditions and restrictions apply. See application for further details.
Application process is closed!

W in the Roche and Genentech Golden Ticket and get access to one year of free lab space!

As a founding sponsor of Lab Central, Roche and Genentech are eager to support extraordinary start-ups to advance their innovation and potentially develop new breakthroughs for patients. LabCentral is a network of shared laboratory spaces and scientific communities in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The winner of the Golden Ticket is given one 6 foot bench in LabCentral’s shared laboratory for one year - and benefits from LabCentral’s shared infrastructure and services (such as conference rooms, permittings, shared equipment and facilities, participation in LabCentral training modules, seminars, etc).


Register now and watch the Golden Ticket finalist pitches and a presentation by Roche & Genentech live on 22 October 2021 from 10:30am-12pm ET/4:30pm-6pm CEST


During this event, the 3 selected finalists will pitch their scientific innovation to a jury of scientific and partnering experts, and make their case why they should win the Roche and Genentech Golden Ticket.

About LabCentral

LabCentral is a Massachusetts non-profit company, founded in 2013 as a launchpad for high-potential life sciences and biotech start-ups. Operating over 100,000 sq. feet in Cambridge and on the Harvard University campus, LabCentral offers a network of fully permitted laboratory and office spaces for as many as 100 start-ups comprising approximately 500 scientists and entrepreneurs. In addition, LabCentral is committed to creating a more sustainable and inclusive biotech system supporting developments in STEM, workforce training and next generation entrepreneurship through its LabCentral Ignite initiative. LabCentral is also home to Gallery 1832 which engages the local community to celebrate artistic innovation.

LabCentral was funded in part by two $5 million grants from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Founding sponsors include Eppendorf, Roche, Triumvirate Environmental and Johnson & Johnson Innovation. Lab operations launched in November 2013.

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