Collaborations in Diagnostics


Worldwide partnering is vital to innovation

Worldwide partnering expands innovation network in the area of in vitro diagnostics. The division harnesses both internally- and externally-generated innovation through licensing deals, partnerships and collaboration on both a scientific and commercial basis. These alliances and networks span the globe to help ensure that Roche gains access to the most important emerging technologies and biomarkers, wherever they may be.

The Division’s Chief Technology Office and Global Biomarker Group evaluate new technologies and biomarker opportunities. The groups continuously monitor:

  • academia,
  • biotech start-ups,
  • spin-offs from universities,
  • small and large companies as well as
  • service and government laboratories around the world.

The goal is to identify those technologies and biomarkers that address a high unmet medical need and which complement Roche’s existing portfolio, helping to secure the future product pipeline. Roche is able to tap into a large pool of creative and unconventional ideas and discoveries by monitoring and cooperating with diverse sources of knowledge and innovation across disciplines like biochemistry, molecular biology, physics, engineering and informatics.

In addition the teams look to gain access to biomarkers in a variety of areas including:

  • oncology
  • cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
  • infectious diseases
  • inflammation
  • diseases of the central nervous system.

This approach increases Roche's chances to successfully advance projects from its research labs to the marketplace.