Roche and the Gabon Ministry of Health announce partnership to improve healthcare

Roche has recently announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of Gabon that would help patients in the African country get better access to its cancer medicines. This agreement builds upon the existing National Cancer Program which was established by the ministry of health in 2006.

Roche signs memorandum of Understanding in Gabon
Peter Hug tours Libreville Cancer Institute
Peter Hug at Gabon Memorandum of Understanding Ceremony

Gabon has in many ways led the fight against cancer in central Africa by launching several nationwide initiatives aiming to improve treatment options for people with cancer. One such effort was the setting up of the Libreville Cancer Institute. This latest agreement with Roche takes the effort to a new level. The agreement proposes an access programme that will allow low-income patients to benefit from treatment with Roche cancer medicines. As part of the MoU, Roche will also work to build awareness of cancer, improve diagnosis of disease, and train healthcare professionals, all of which are critical components to improving outcomes for patients in Gabon.

“It is important for cancer patients in Gabon to have improved access to care, and this agreement will allow for significantly more patients to be treated with life-changing medicines,” says Peter Hug, head of Roche’s EEMEA region who was present in Libreville to sign the memorandum of understanding with Mr. Paul Biyoghe, the 1st Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Health, Social Security and Solidarity of Gabon. Peter added: “It is not enough to simply provide access to medicines. That is why this partnership includes a commitment from Roche to improve overall awareness, diagnosis and training for healthcare professionals.”

It is estimated that over 847,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed every year in Africa. Over 591,000 die due to their illness.

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