Recognising Melanoma Heroes


Many people play heroic roles in treating or living with melanoma, from the patients themselves to caregivers and physicians as well as scientific researchers – who work tirelessly to explore the causes, prevention and treatment of this disease in hopes of finding a cure. Their courage, determination and perseverance is nothing short of remarkable.

#MelanomaHeroes calls on everyone to not only think about reducing their own risk of melanoma, but to also recognise and celebrate those whose lives it has touched and the many unsung heroes who are active in the battle against it.

Together, these everyday people inspire us to work for a better future and to do our part in the fight to conquer the disease. They are our #MelanomaHeroes.

In our search for heroes, we have spoken with clinicians, researchers and people living with melanoma around the world.  Read more about Don, our latest hero from Canada, an avid golfer who has been battling melanoma since 2008, and the many others who are making a difference.

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