Roche LATAM's first social and environmental report

The report is a powerful account of commitment and involvement in the region.

It is a story that is worth telling, yet not told till now. The released first Social and Environmental Report 2012–2013 of Roche Latin America, makes a very compelling case for the value of Roche’s social responsibility efforts across this vast region. And to supplement these efforts are the nine individual reports from different countries in the region. In global Roche terms it is a major achievement too, as it is the first such regional report.

In his message featured in the report, Joerg-Michael Rupp, Head of Roche Latin America, says: “At Roche, we believe that the environmental and social performance of a company is tied to its long-term sustainability.” And it is this common thread that runs through the regional as well as country-specific reports that highlight countless such initiatives from Roche.

In the midst of our daily business it is very easy to forget the scale of what we are doing here.
Michelle Medeiros

A lot being done

Some initiatives are more obvious than others. For instance in Peru, Roche helped rebuild the village of Chocos after a devastating earthquake, while in Chile over 560 women received free access to HER2-positive breast cancer treatment. Over 200 physicians were trained in Venezuela on the latest trends in different cancer types while a clinic donated in Guatemala has so far treated over a 1000 renal anemia patients. Within Roche it showed up in the form of 35 hours of training per employee, more than 40 percent of key positions being occupied by women and an 84 percent increase in the recycling of plastic, glass and paper.

“We decided to take on this ambitious, yet rewarding project to provide our stakeholders and the community an overview of the progress we have made, as well as the challenges faced in terms of sustainability. We consider reporting of such activities and results an essential tool for transparent and ethical management,” explains Michelle Medeiros, Regional Corporate Communications Director Latin America.

Michelle Medeiros, Regional Corporate Communications Director, Lateinamerika

Big team effort

Since then a multidisciplinary team comprising of Roche global teams, affiliates in Latin America, the regional communications team and others got down to work in collecting data. This was based on information available with the teams, but also sourced from countless interviews done with general managers, local communicators and employees from medical, HR, commercial operations, market access and finance. These data, numbers and visuals led to very powerful stories about the work Roche does in the region.

“In the midst of our daily business it is very easy to forget the scale of what we are doing here. Roche has conducted a total of 222 clinical trials involving almost 6000 Latin American patients. Over 1.3 million people were treated with at least one of our top 20 products. Last year alone, we conducted over 50 awareness campaigns to promote the prevention, early detection, treatment and monitoring of critical diseases. In addition, over 20 community-oriented initiatives were launched, focusing on three pillars—childhood, education and local neighborhood. All of them bring to reality our ongoing commitment to the region,” points out Michelle.

The effort also led to the development of nine country reports in Spanish, Portuguese and English to cover the Pharmaceuticals Division of affiliates in Argentina, Brazil, Central America and the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. The reports were shared with journalists during Roche Press Day in the region in July and will soon be available on digital platforms. Very soon these will also be shared with key opinion leaders and other partners. After all, it is such a wonderful story to tell.

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