The World Cancer Congress (WCC) is an important event for anyone involved in cancer control. Established by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the biennial event gathers cancer control experts from across the world to share their knowledge and learning, and work towards solutions to reduce the impact of cancer on communities around the world.  

The WCC 2014 theme “Joining Forces – Accelerating Progress” is particularly interesting to Roche, as we believe that multidisciplinary collaboration is vital to ensure the maximum impact of our activities in the fight against cancer and to provide optimal health outcomes for patients.

This year, we look forward to our onsite session: Patient wellbeing: A critical factor for defining the value of cancer care. This is a key topic of interest for Roche as traditional measurement of the value of cancer care does not always account for patient wellbeing, and we believe this needs to change. Clear metrics taking into account factors such as ability to work, ability to care for children, and the impact of disease on broader life experiences are needed to better inform treatment value decisions. This session will therefore provide an opportunity for WCC delegates to hear and share multidisciplinary perspectives on the importance, impact and practicalities of including patient wellbeing as a factor in defining the value of cancer care.

“We believe that the patient voice plays a key role in collaborative working. By actively listening and engaging with those voices, we aim to better understand how we should be defining and measuring the value of cancer treatment and care”
Niko Andre, Global Head Medical Affairs.

As a company, we are constantly striving to address the current and future needs in oncology, and the WCC provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with key stakeholders and demonstrate our continued commitment to improving cancer care for both patients and healthcare professionals.

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