Let s live better

Roche Argentina program aims to bring about balance and well-being in lives of employees.

Nadina Sarnari works as a Pharmacovigilance Assistant in Roche Argentina. She’s lost 15 kilos in five months. All made possible with a combination of workouts in the gym, sessions with a nutritionist, and healthy food choices. These were made available to her at the work place thanks to a program called Vivamos Mejor (Let’s Live Better).

The program was born in Roche Argentina six years ago. Last year, with the launch of the global wellness program—Live Well—newer

elements were added to the program to make it even more personalized and better structured and aligned with the global offering. The program revolves around five essential pillars—nutrition, health, work-life balance, sports and integration—with constant input from the company doctor. In each area there is a possibility for employees to propose different activities, seeking to foster healthy lifestyles and better planned routines that would benefit not just employees but also their families.

Personal tips and healthy eating

One of the more successful activities has been the Well-being and Nutrition Plan that Nadina participated in. It offers consultations in nutritional aspects in the office, personalized follow-ups with weekly contact with participating colleagues and complemented with recipes and health tips fine-tuned for individual needs. Also offered are physical education consultations.

“If all these facilities were not available within the company, all the weight loss that I have achieved in a healthy manner would not have been possible,” states Nadina.

Also offered as part of Vivamos Mejor is an array of activities, ranging from yoga classes to a running team and from massages to informative talks and newsletters on healthy living. A workshop taught participating employees how to prepare healthy meals in 30 minutes. In addition, the “Health Step by Step” campaign has been planned soon that will encourage colleagues to minimize sedentary work hours by the implementation of different games using pedometers. That means less time locked down at desks and more focus on moving about!

Seeking better balance

“In Roche Argentina, we are constantly trying to implement steps that will facilitate a better balance between work, family, personal health and the better integration of our employees. Having a healthy and well-balanced employee has a positive impact on our work environment but also in their personal lives. We talk about ‘Doing now what our patients need next,’ but this is also applicable to our colleagues,” explains Damian Chernavsky, HR Head.

Most of these activities have been embraced enthusiastically by Roche colleagues in Argentina. In March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, a seminar titled “Look After Your Skin” was organized over a two-day period. Colleagues also had the opportunity to consult a dermatologist for mole checks and other skin-e related issues. Over 50 female employees consulted the doctor.

“It is very gratifying to see how the employees are gradually changing their habits thanks to Vivamos Mejor,” says Maria Dundas, Head of Benefits and Compensation. “Following the event in March and thanks to the information and tips received, some of our employees requested appointments with the dermatologist for a more thorough checkup. We believe we are beginning to succeed with our efforts to build awareness and promote a sense of wellbeing among Roche Argentina colleagues.”sc

Several activities are offered at Roche Argentina to help improve wellness of colleagues.

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