Sustainability: Creating value for communities and the environment

For over a century, we've supported social causes, backed initiatives that encourage engagement with science and promoted cultural activities, all with a common aim: to make a lasting impact. And throughout this, we have always worked towards reducing our environmental footprint and protecting natural resources.

Our approach to supporting and engaging in local communities and investing in protecting the environment mirrors our sustainable business model and innovation culture.

We support programmes that will benefit from an active, long-term commitment on our part, undertaken in collaboration with international as well as local partners. We aim to apply simple measures that result in lasting improvements and sustainable benefits for the communities in which we operate and for society in general.

In our community programmes, we seek to be a contributor of skills and competencies and a project funder, directing our energies in four areas:

  • Humanitarian and social projects by partnering with charitable organisations on initiatives which lead to sustainable benefits
  • Science and education programmes for learners, teachers and future scientists
  • Arts and culture with an emphasis on vibrant contemporary and innovative activities
  • Community and environment projects that are creative, sustainable and address local needs

In the environment, we want to protect the future by making the right choices today in an environment where water is increasingly scarce, natural resources are constrained and biodiversity is declining.

We are helping protect those resources – and minimise our environmental footprint – by using and managing natural resources wisely. We focus on environmental sustainability across the value chain, from acquiring raw materials, through product, use and disposal.

That’s why we have adopted an integrated management approach that aligns our environmental strategy, objectives and targets with our business objectives. This includes a five-year corporate goal to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency by 10% from 2009 to 2014, and to reduce our environmental impact per employee by 15% in 2020.

We are also involving our suppliers and other partners to continuously improve the environmental performance of our products along the value chain.

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