Connecting with patients

Recently, new patient banners were installed on  buildings across the Genentech campus in South San Francisco. The banners, some of which are two stories tall, serve as a strong reminder of the ultimate purpose of why we come to work each day.

Over three days in January 2014, employees had the opportunity to meet twelve patients who visited Genentech as part of the second «Patient Connect» program and are now featured on the banners. Employees who could not attend in person were invited to view the talks via webcast.

Attendees heard personal stories from patients like Jennifer, who takes the immunosuppressive agent CellCept and wrote a book about her decision to be happy despite multiple kidney transplants. And Lance, a boy with a growth hormone deficiency, expressed his joy at being able to keep up with his taller brothers by taking Nutropin, the human growth hormone and one of Genentech’s pioneering achievements in the early days of the company.

Heather Gloe, Senior Manager, Internal Communications, Corporate Relations, manages Patient Connect and the Patient Banner Program. "The patient banners have been part of Genentech’s culture for more than a decade, and serve as a very visual reminder of our unwavering commitment to follow the science and make a real difference in the lives of patients," she says. "We introduced Patient Connect in January 2012 to reinforce a deeper connection between employees and the patients they will come to see on a daily basis by providing the opportunity to get to know them firsthand."

Sharif Ezzat, Senior Manager, Digital Communications, Corporate Relations, who is responsible for designing the patient banners on the buildings, explains: "This year we decided to pursue a new design direction for the banners by combining images of medicines with photos of patients into a single composition. Our goal was to create a modern look, using beautiful scientific illustrations and simple stories about each patient. It’s easy to be absorbed in the day-to-day challenges of our work, but we hope that these banners help remind us that even the small decisions we make can have a big impact for patients."

«Patient Connect» takes place every other year to coincide with the refresh of the patient banners. In May, the new banners were installed in South San Francisco and are in the process of being installed at seven other sites across the United States.

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