Pioneering healthcare site for those with lung cancer

When people connect online they are able to explore the very latest developments in cancer care and treatment. And for many people with advanced lung cancer, this exchange can offer a sense of comfort and reassurance.

With the launch of the Pioneering Lung Cancer website, Roche is raising awareness about frontier research efforts to fight this challenging disease. We hope to offer people the chance to learn and engage with cancer survivors.

An App has just been launched alongside the website that features a video guide to breathing techniques. These techniques help people to manage daily stresses and challenges, and to build their strength.

On a lighter theme, the App features a breathing game in which you play along to music, saxophone-style, using your telephone microphone. The App is free and available for iOS and Android devices.

Right now the social media conversation around cancer is calling for us all to speak out and to share our experiences. Everyone is welcome to visit this new site and look around. Share your views and consider writing a short review of the App.

We can all contribute to the conversation around lung cancer. Everyone is different and different people bring different insights!

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