Using mobile learning to stay ahead


Commercial trainees at Roche benefit from state-of-the-art learning tool.

Whether they’re on the tram, at the beach or in the park, the tiny voice in their ear is a must-have or rather must-hear—at least for digital natives. And, whether you like it or not, the learning sector is exploiting this trend. Roche is also actively using mobile learning via smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the bud in their ear, the businesspeople of tomorrow can, for instance, grapple with the nature of fixed assets or the finer points of the Code of Obligations.

Daniel Reinhard, Head of Commercial Training at the Basel/Kaiseraugst site, is a keen advocate of this innovative learning medium: “Mobile learning puts us among the frontrunners both in terms of technology and methodology. With this new learning tool, young people can go over their school material again in more depth when and wherever they want.”

Mobile learning puts us among the front-runners both in terms of technology and methodology
Daniel Reinhard

Our commercial trainees have been using the web-based learning program for PC, tablet or smartphone for almost a year now. Covering the full business and law curriculum, it contains 168 learning modules on finance and accounting, law, business administration, economics, civics and economic geography. The entire content—including the final control questions—can also be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet.

The complete school material can be worked through either in e-learning format or as audio texts. The subject matter is illustrated by real-life examples backed up by mind maps and numerous news and business reports from Swiss TV broadcasts. Learning modules that have been completed offline are automatically synced when the device reconnects to the Internet.

Daniel’s verdict after the first few months is quite positive: “I am delighted to be able to provide this state-of-the-art learning tool to my commercial trainees. This is an additional resource to help ensure that we can keep highly trained employees in successful careers at Roche. Furthermore, we want to be perceived as a company that provides innovative training opportunities.

This is what commercial trainees have to say

“My journey home by train takes about half an hour. This is ideal for getting some schoolwork done. Along with the exercises that you can do on the PC, the way the material is presented is a welcome add-on and a bit of variety. The many practical examples explaining abstract concepts are particularly useful.” Danny Jost

“I don’t know if it means my exam results are going to be three grades higher, but the program does help you to learn and it makes a lot of things easier to understand. The teachers don’t always have time to go over everything two or three times. This way, I can listen to the material as many times as I want until I have really understood it.” Gloria Giacomini

“Admittedly, I don’t always concentrate one hundred percent on what’s being said, and sometimes I’m not even consciously listening. But some of it still sticks. At the beginning, for instance, I was unfamiliar with a lot of the economic terms. The training program really helped me there. The Swiss TV reports are continually updated. That’s something a book can’t do.” Katharina Fricker

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