Photos of birds raise funds for children in Turkey

For long he took photographs of birds for himself. He loved nature and he loved the medium of photography. But now his photos are being used to raise funds for children in need.  Nothing could be better as this combines very well with his love for people from around the world. Meet Roche Turkey’s Levent Goksoy. Earlier this year, photographs of birds taken by him were used to raise funds for the Roche Children’s Walk event held.

Levent, who works as a sales representative, lives in the town of Malatya which he describes as being the perfect place for his hobby as “it is in the fly path of migratory birds going across from Europe to Asia. In addition there are over 470 bird species that make Turkey their home.”

With such a collection of riches he organized his first exhibition a few months ago in Malatya, inviting colleagues from Roche as well via email. That was when Turkey’s Corporate Communications Manager Arzum Satir, contacted him with a plan to exhibit his photographs at Roche Turkey headquarters in as well and raise money for the Children’s Walk.

For the kids

“I shared 47 of my photographs of different birds and 30 printed versions were exhibited at the Istanbul office. They then went on sale for charity,” Levent tells myRoche. For a craft that he had been honing from his days in secondary school, having purchased his first camera with pocket money, this was an effort that got him great satisfaction.

Adds Arzum: “We were very interested in Levent’s efforts when we heard about his first exhibition and wanted to share this with all our employees. It was also great timing as the Children’s Walk was just ahead. We therefore decided to combine an exhibition with fundraising. The exhibition attracted a lot of attention at the Istanbul headquarters and we were able to sell almost all the photographs.”

Subjects and dreams

Levent usually spends hours every weekend on his passion for photography. “I prefer to go alone as you need to be very quiet and careful while shooting pictures of birds. There are times I have even waited five hours to take a photograph. But it is worth the effort,” he says. Of course being single helps!

He has so far restricted himself to taking photographs of birds to locations within Turkey. But he has promised to set out one day in pursuit of the Snowy Owl which one cannot find in Turkey and the Red-breasted Flycatcher which is seen in the country, but one that he hasn’t captured on film yet.

Levent also has a big dream that will take him away somewhat from his feathered friends. “My dream is to go globetrotting and take pictures of local people in every country I visit. I will call this project ‘Face of the World.’ People have been a favorite topic for a long time, especially since the death of his mother when he was just 13. “I have the feeling that loved ones can be made immortal if I can photograph them,” he explains.

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