One foot in the future

  • Laptops, smartphones and tablets were ubiquitous at the Technology Watch
    Laptops, smartphones and tablets were ubiquitous at the Technology Watch

Recently launched in Rotkreuz, Technology Watch is a series of events showcasing forward-looking IT developments. The premiere proved an inspiration to many.

On the morning of June 11, numerous Senior Business Leaders gathered in Building 9 in Rotkreuz to marvel at and discuss some IT developments that seem downright futuristic. Demonstrations and role play were used to present new technologies that could one day give the Diagnostics business a competitive edge. When participants were asked to vote on which of these developments they felt should be pursued further, two came right at the top of the list: augmented reality and predictive maintenance. Augmented reality involves extending the perception of reality with the aid of computers, while predictive maintenance is a technique that uses “intelligent” algorithms to evaluate specific instrument parameters and identify potential malfunctions before they even occur.

In the afternoon, a Technology Watch event open to all Roche employees was held in the Building 9 atrium. The stands—staffed by experts and featuring plenty of interactive elements designed to motivate visitors to join in—provided information on cutting-edge topics such as: How important is social media for business? How can large volumes of data be used to one’s benefit? How can serious tasks be made more entertaining (the catchword here is “gamification”)? This fascinating series of events was kicked off by Diagnostics IT under the leadership of Werner Boeing in conjunction with colleagues from various business units.

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