Cervical health awareness

270,000 women die from cervical cancer each year. Hear the stories of two brave women who have been diagnosed with HPV respectively cervical cancer and their reflections on the importance of HPV screening.

Tamika, a survivor of cervical cancer

Tamika is a survivor of cervical cancer. Since she finished her treatment in 2001, she has been part of the cervical cancer advocacy community, as well as the cervical cancer survivor community.

Because we can end cervical cancer if we diagnose it early enough.

Danielle, an advocate for cervical cancer prevention

Danielle Sepulveres an advocate for cervical cancer prevention, first received an irregular Pap test result and tested positive for HPV before she was diagnosed with cervical pre-cancer at the age of 23. She speaks about the value of HPV screening to identify women at risk before disease develops, and shares the story about her experience to help inform and increase awareness for other women.

Danielle also recently collaborated with an artist/illustrator to create a series showing Disney princesses visiting their gynecologists to raise awareness for Cervical Health Awareness Month. Visit forbes.com to learn more about Danielle's campaign to highlight the healthy behaviours women can take to reduce their risk of this almost completely preventable cancer.

There is no reason for you to get cervical cancer. There is no reason for anybody to get cervical cancer.

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