Roche launches new tools for RNA isolation and cDNA pre-amplification from FFPET samples

Penzberg, Germany, 31 October 2012

High Pure FFPET RNA Isolation Kit
High Pure FFPET RNA Isolation Kit

High RNA integrity and yield combined with customized primer pools enable entire workflow for numerous downstream applications in medical and biomarker research

Today Roche announced the global launch of its new High Pure FFPET RNA Isolation Kit as well as the RealTime ready cDNA Pre-Amp Master & Primer Pools. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue (FFPET) samples from biopsies or micro-dissections are frequently used for retrospective studies, primarily in oncology. They also represent an increasingly important resource for biomarker research and investigating disease progression or drug responsiveness.  

The new High Pure FFPET RNA Isolation Kit delivers RNA of excellent integrity and yield – two key factors in ensuring high-quality results in the diversity of downstream applications such as qRT-PCR, microarray analysis and sequencing. For comprehensive gene expression studies, the isolated RNA can be transcribed into cDNA and subsequently pre-amplified with the new RealTime ready cDNA Pre-Amp Master. This kit makes it possible to pre-amplify minute amounts of cDNA with customized primer pools that correspond perfectly to the primers which can be applied in subsequent qPCR analysis. This approach ensures unbiased amplification and a flexible fit to any customer’s genes of interest.

“Our new products provide highly convenient and flexible solutions to researchers who are analyzing gene expression in FFPET samples, while ensuring excellent result quality,” said Gerd Haberhausen, Business Head of qPCR and Sample Preparation Systems. “By offering customized, aligned primer sets alongside our new RNA isolation kit, we are able to provide a complete and reliable workflow to scientists investigating the mRNA expression profiles of complex biological pathways.”

About the new High Pure FFPET RNA Isolation Kit and RealTime ready cDNA Pre-Amp Master & Primer Pools

The High Pure FFPET RNA Isolation Kit’s superb performance has been proven by analyzing FFPET samples of different ages1 (Molnar et al.) and by demonstrating its applicability in biomarker research2 (Lohmann et al.). It produces powerful signals downstream in qPCR, microarray analysis, and sequencing. RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue, macro-dissected and laser-micro-dissected samples, and biopsies can be isolated in just 2.5 hours, including deparaffinization.

The RealTime ready cDNA Pre-Amp Master & Primer Pools is a ready-to-use hot-start reaction mix for pre-amplifying small quantities of cDNA from FFPET RNA isolations, micro-dissections, fine needle biopsies, or rare cells for qPCR. It is able to pre-amplify quantities of cDNA from 1 to 250 ng and ensures unbiased amplification and flexible fit to any customer’s genes of interest. All RealTime ready assays are customizable and function-tested, and detailed assay descriptions and bioinformatic background information is available.

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1) B. Molnar et al.: Gene Expression Analysis Comparing Two RNA Isolation Methods from Recent and Older Archived Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue (FFPET) Samples. Roche Applied Science Application Note (2012)
2) S. Lohmann et al.: Gene expression analysis in biomarker research and early drug development using function-tested reverse transcription quantitative real-time PCR assays. Methods (2012), in press (available online)