Hamilton Introduces Automated DNA Sample Enrichment Solution using Roche 454 REM e System

Reno, Nevada and Branford, Connecticut, USA, 30 January 2012

Hamilton Robotics announced today a new automated solution for DNA sample enrichment on the MICROLAB STARlet Liquid Handling Workstation. Integrating Roche’s REM e liquid handling system, the workflow solution enriches up to eight DNA samples for subsequent sequencing on the GS FLX System. The integrated system automates the multiple-step enrichment process, resulting in reduced variability, more consistent results and significant time savings.

The Hamilton solution for REM e integration replaces five hours of dedicated manual work with an automated, walkaway procedure. Five different REM e protocols are available as fully automated STARlet methods. Predefined hardware to accurately position the REM e Deck module and the REM e Tube Racks on the STARlet deck are included with the solution. The REM e module performs vortexing, vacuum filtration, magnetic bead capture and heating. All liquid transfer steps are handled by the 1000 µL independent pipetting channels of the STARlet system.

454 Life Sciences, a Roche Company and Hamilton Company will continue to collaborate in developing automation solutions for the benchtop GS Junior System using the STAR and NIMBUS line products. REM e integration on the Hamilton MICROLAB NIMBUS workstation will offer customers a compact and affordable robotic platform for the lower-throughput needs of GS Junior customers.

About Roche

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About Hamilton Robotics

Hamilton is a leading worldwide supplier of precision liquid handling equipment, laboratory automation and storage systems, serving customers in academic and private research laboratories, pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic companies and governmental institutions.  Hamilton maintains headquarters in Reno, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland, both of which house R&D and production facilities.  Hamilton has subsidiaries for direct sales and service in many countries and works with a wide distributor network in other regions.  Hamilton is a privately held company.  For more information, visit www.hamiltonrobotics.com.

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