Roche in Cancer Care

The Roche Group is the world's leading provider of cancer care products. Our anti-cancer medicines are saving lives and significantly advancing the way some cancers are treated. In addition, Roche is developing new diagnostic tests that will have a significant impact on disease management for cancer patients in the future. With a broad portfolio of tumour markers as well as a range of molecular oncology tests, Roche will continue to be one of the leaders in providing cancer-focused treatments and diagnostics.

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Disease Backgrounders

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Epidemiology of cancer PDF
Breast cancer PDF
Stomach cancer PDF
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia PDF
Colorectal cancer PDF
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma PDF
Non Small Cell Lung cancer PDF
HER2-positive cancer PDF
Skin cancer (Melanoma) PDF
Ovarian cancer PDF
Glioblastoma PDF
Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma PDF
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Understanding Lymphoma PDF
Early breast cancer PDF
Glioblastoma PDF
Lung cancer PDF
Stages of Breast cancer PDF
HER2-positive breast cancer PDF
Colorectal cancer PDF
Non Hodgkins Lymphoma PDF
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia PDF
Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma PDF
Advanced breast cancer PDF
Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) PDF
KNOW MORE: Breast cancer PDF
Breast Cancer PDF
Breast Cancer by numbers PDF
Avastin Production ZIP

EGFR monitoring with liquid biopsy