Take a behind the scenes look at a year to be proud of

Our Chairman Christoph Franz and CEO Severin Schwan share their perspective on Roche’s learnings from the pandemic and the potential that digitalisation of healthcare can bring to patients.

"Looking back, we can be extremely proud of what we have achieved together. Both in Diagnostics with our testing portfolio, and also on the Pharma side with all our contributions and partnerships with other companies to fight COVID-19. And then, on the top of it all, keeping our supply chain up and running for the other solutions we offer to patients around the globe. A tough year, but one that we can be very proud of,” says Severin Schwan. Christoph Franz adds, “I would emphasise, this is true, even beyond Roche. This was a leap for the healthcare industry; how companies collaborated, shared information and focused on the same goals. The way we worked together with regulatory authorities enabled us to bring new solutions to people."