Annual Report 2014 highlights

Annual Report
2014 highlights

This integrated report includes our financial and non-financial performance.

Roche Annual Report 2014
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Financial Report 2014
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Highlights include year-end messages from our Chairman and CEO, key financial results, our business priorities, as well as news and stories from our people.

2014 was another successful year for Roche, with a solid business performance, highly promising medical advances and groundbreaking investments.

Chairman Dr Christoph Franz

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It is testament to the strength of our portfolio and the commitment of our employees that we were able to achieve eleven pharmaceutical product approvals and launch fourteen new diagnostic instruments and tests.

CEO Dr Severin Schwan

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Our performance

From key acquisitions and site expansions, to new medical innovations and growing demand for our products, Roche had a solid performance in 2014.

Full Year 2014 Investor Update

Full Year 2014 Presentation

Our business priorities

We have a clear set of business priorities aimed at achieving sustainable growth and delivering value to all our stakeholders.

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Focus on patients
Focus on patients
Excellence in science
Excellence in science
Personalised healthcare
Personalised healthcare
Access to healthcare
Access to healthcare
Great workplace
Great workplace
Sustainable value
Sustainable value

Our people

Great companies are defined by people who embrace a shared sense of purpose, put extra energy and passion into their jobs and identify with common goals. That is the kind of engagement we aim for at Roche.

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Our people

People spotlights

From a policy manager passionate about social inclusion to a scientist helping to improve drug development, this year’s report profiles some of the people at Roche who helped to drive performance in 2014.

  • Charles Fordjour
    I want people to see Africa as a continent of opportunities.
    Charles Fordjour

    Charles is passionate about increasing patient access to treatment in Africa. He is the project leader of the Roche Africa strategy, which aims to improve access to innovative medicines in sub-Saharan Africa.

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  • EunOck Kim
    Passion and teamwork were the keys to success.
    EunOck Kim

    EunOck's first task as a project manager was a huge challenge: construct Roche's most advanced diagnostic system for South Korea's largest commercial laboratory – and complete it in record time.

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  • Katie Excoffier
    Sustainability is part of everything we do.
    Katie Excoffier

    Katie switched careers to become Sustainability Manager at Genentech. Her enthusiasm and ability to connect people have moved the needle in engaging employees and reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

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  • Michael Cannarile
    To understand biology, you need to be able to measure it.
    Michael Cannarile

    Michael Cannarile and his colleagues discovered biomarkers that helped to identify the optimal dose for a new cancer drug. The use of these biomarkers for similar therapeutic molecules is gaining acceptance at Roche.

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  • Lee Dunster
    Medical treatment is just one part of the solution.
    Lee Dunster

    Lee has been instrumental in creating an International Working Group with patient groups and policy makers to work towards a more holistic view of treating schizophrenia. He is also helping to build a global network for improving Alzheimer’s care.

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  • Katrin Kühhirt
    A unique chance to share my skills and a life-changing experience.
    Katrin Kühhirt

    During a Roche secondment year in Uganda, Katrin touched the lives of many children at an orphanage. She adapted to the realities of local healthcare needs, made lasting contributions and gained new insights about herself.

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  • Catherine Behrens
    My dream was always to have a direct impact on women’s health.
    Catherine Behrens

    Catherine, a trained gynecologist, has always been passionate about making a difference in women’s health. She joined Roche to work on a screening tool for cervical cancer. When the early signs of cervical cancer are caught early, there is a much better chance of effectively treating or even preventing the development of the disease.

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