Roche Investor Day 2010

Videos from Thursday 18 March 2010

Severin Schwan: Introduction

Richard Scheller: Translating science into innovative therapies

Jean-Jacques Garaud: Harnessing therapeutic modalities

Dan Zabrowski: Roche Partnering, enriching our portfolio

Daniel O'Day: Diagnostics and personalised healthcare

Q and A - Diversity of approaches to innovation

Pascal Soriot: Sustainable growth through innovation

Mike Doherty: Biosimilar - market dynamics and the Roche portfolio

David Loew: Near-term opportunities

Q and A - Sustainable growth

Hal Barron: New late-stage opportunities

Roche unedited - Q and A with all speakers

“Diversity of approaches to innovation”

  • Introduction: Severin Schwan, CEO Roche Group
  • Translating science into innovative therapies: Richard Scheller, Global Head gRED
  • Harnessing therapeutic modalities: Jean-Jacques Garaud, Global Head pRED
  • Roche Partnering, enriching our portfolio: Dan Zabrowski, Global Head Pharma Partnering
  • Diagnostics and personalised healthcare: Daniel O’Day, COO Diagnostics Division
  • Q&A

“Sustainable growth”

  • Sustainable growth through innovation: Pascal Soriot, COO Pharma Medicines
  • Biosimilar: market dynamics and the Roche portfolio: Mike Doherty, Global Head Regulatory, Pharma
  • Near-term opportunities: David Löw, Head Global Product Strategy, Pharma
  • Q&A

“New growth opportunities”

  • New late-stage opportunities: Hal Barron, Head Product Development & CMO,  Pharma
  • “Roche unedited” - Q&A with all speakers