Roche Analyst Event at ASCO 2015

Analyst briefing on data presented at ASCO: Sunday, 31 May 2015 6:45 PM CDT



  • Oncology strategy and outlook
    Daniel O'Day, Chief Operating Officer Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Working along the cancer immunity-cycle: Strategies and new agents
    Ira Mellman, gRED: Ph.D., Vice President, Cancer Immunology, Genentech
    William Pao, pRED: M.D., Ph.D., Global Head Oncology Discovery and Translational Area, Roche
  • ASCO 2015 Roche highlights: Setting new standards, developing combinations
    Sandra Horning, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Head Global Product Development
  • Growing importance of molecular information in cancer immunotherapy
    Garret Hampton, Ph.D., Vice President, Oncology Biomarker Development and Companion Diagnostics