Continuous Improvement Lead in Software Development- Agile Coach

Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona


Continuous Improvement Lead in Software Development

The candidate will be responsible of driving an improvement program focused on the software development practices in our organization. The candidate will work with different teams to identify and agree on specific improvement opportunities; define expected outcomes; support the teams implementing the actions and measure the outcomes to finally decide how and whether to incorporate each improvement into the organizational development practices.

Main tasks and duties:
  • Build a deep understanding of current development practices, especially looking for inefficiencies and elements that work against the ability of the teams to deliver in time, budget and with quality.
  • Establish a set of measurements to enable tracking improvement progress across the organization.
  • Communicate and create awareness for the need to change.
  • Mentor teams in analytical skills to identify root causes for inefficiencies and impediments.
  • Support problem solving sessions to better understand the implications of small changes in complex systems.
  • Align improvement plans with business needs and existing regulatory constraints.
  • Actively manage risks associated to the different change proposals.
  • Regularly communicate plans and progress to stakeholders.
  • Be actively informed of the latest trends in software development best practices, methodologies and technologies.
  • Foster the networking of engineers with similar needs and problems across the organization.