Senior CMA Training Manager

中国, 上海, Shanghai

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    Optimize CMA Training System
-    Clearly understand business environment including strategies, disease areas, talent landscape, and relevant external CMA training trends, develop insights picture of the opportunities, challenges and implications for CMA people’s learning and development. 
-    Diagnose people’s current/future capability and knowledge gaps critical to business. Work with stakeholders to prioritize focused learning areas in terms of Access 3.0.
-    Develop marketing training framework, roadmap, create systematic core curriculums, as well as provide executable and measurable solutions based on business needs to ensure CMA know-how, skill and performance of people will be enhanced effectively.

    Design and Implement Learning Programs
-    Design and deliver fundamental skill training for junior people via multi-channel blended learning approaches. 
-    For senior people, integrate appropriate internal and external learning resources by cooperating with marketing stakeholders or external vendors for design and deliver advanced learning programs.
-    Support changing of CMA practice with innovation workshops as needed.

    Cooperate With All Teams of CMA
-    Keep high frequently interact with all CMA team leaders to reflect business needs, expand influence, as well as accelerate progress of learning programs. 
-    Involve CMA team leaders and external experts as guest speakers, mentors or jury in learning programs or CMA forums etc.
-    Well plan and manage budget, take actions on potential areas of cost synergy to improve both client experience and resource utilization.
-    Take part in ad-hoc projects assigned by management.

    Optimize Learning Solutions With Effectiveness & Efficiency
-    Develop professional evaluation tools to analyze effectiveness of learning programs.
-    Regularly review and optimize learning & development solutions to keep up with business changes proactively.
-    Provide learning tracking reports and key findings to all stakeholders for constructively feedback and rapid iteration.
-    Liaise with local and APAC learning partners to leverage training resources and offerings as needed. 


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