Cloud Sw Architect

Spain, Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès

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Main tasks and duties

  • Provide visibility of technical/business readiness risks, anticipate development/organizational needs and remove roadblocks in the implementation of SIS cloud strategy for ongoing and future projects.

  • Close collaboration with project architects in the assessment of cloud adoption with clear identification of the required architectural changes with an in depth analysis of impact and trade-offs.

  • Provide reference implementation of cloud based services for existing products.

  • Close participation in the definition and adoption of cloud strategy for ongoing and future products. 

  • Participate in the definition, planning and allocation of the architecture activities within the project aligned with the Program and cloud strategy.

  • Responsible for the availability of the required knowledge for software architecture focusing on cloud.

  • Participation in the implementation of the processes according to definitions in alignment with Architecture management.

  • Share cloud best practices across SIS.

  • Support the program architect and the project technical leads.

  • Implement technical feasibilities and assessments when needed.

  • Participate in architecture activities in Pre-development phase including Prototypes, PoC, requirements refinement and definition for ongoing projects.

  • Decide on technologies and provide the components specifications including the design and interfaces based on the reference architecture and the decisions taken by the Architecture Board.

  • Ensure the Quality Attributes fulfilment or the trade-offs documentation through architecture assessments.


  • Responsible for ensuring effective and efficient communication within the team

  • Responsible for the proactive involvement and alignment with all interfacing organization units inside and outside SIS

  • Responsible for ensuring effective and efficient reporting to enable proactive management and handling of important and urgent issues within the team.

  • Communicate effectively the technology roadmap and decisions taken in the architecture board to the program stakeholders

Additional tasks, duties and responsibilities

  • To permanently optimize processes to increase quality and efficiency standards.

Required Competencies

  • 3 years of Real, hands-on experience in the design, implementation and deployment of cloud-based services and solutions.

  • 3 years of Real, hands-on experience in the design, implementation and deployment of event-driven micro services architectures. 

  • Real, hands-on experience working with IaaS, SaaS and FaaS based solutions.

  • Deep knowledge of cloud design patterns.

  • Real, hands-on experience working with public cloud providers (AWS, Azure) managed services:

    • API Gateway

    • Serverless

    • Elastic load balancing

    • Security

    • Cost Effectiveness

    • High availability 

  • Knowledge of mainstream software development technologies like Java (e.g. Spring Boot, Akka), .Net, Go, Python…

  • Real, hands-on experience working with mainstream deployment technologies like containers (e.g. Docker), serverless, virtualization.

  • Real, hands-on experience working with container orchestration solutions (Kubernetes, Openshift)

  • Real, hands-on experience working with mainstream observability solutions and standards like Prometheus, ELK, OpenTracing, etc.

  • Hands on experience woriking with data streaming architectures (Ex: Kafka, Spark, Storm, Cassandra, etc...)

  • Leadership skills to facilitate collaboration and challenge status quo to drive results

  • Strong desire to understand and learn about global customer needs.

  • Able to perform adequate stakeholder management and lead the process to a successful outcome.

  • Strong communication and negotiation skills with stakeholders.

  • Capable of abstracting and transforming customer needs into simple, tangible and structured expectations.

  • Understand Strategic vision vs Tactical decisions.