What is Molecular Information Management?


The emerging field of Molecular Information and Genomic analysis will play an increasingly important role for future medicines and diagnostic solutions, in particular for cancer patients.

This disease, as an example, is no longer considered as just one, but a collection of hundreds of diseases with different characteristics and Genetics profiles. In other words, an individual’s cancer behaves differently and requires a“personalized” approach for treatment.

In this context, one important piece is the High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure to analyze the exponential growth in data from Genomics. As an example, the cost of sequencing a human Genome has dropped from $95,000,000 in 2001 to $4,000 in 2015, and the cost continues to go down as new sequencers appear on the market. In parallel, Technologies have evolved to deliver more Compute, Storage and Network bandwidth than ever before.

But what is an HPC? Think of it as a pool of resources, hundreds of machines able to work together, analyzing the data and answering the questions that our scientists have. These analyses can run in just a few seconds (few seconds but in some hundred servers) or several days for the most complex analyses. This will help researchers to reduce the time and effort when identifying more ways through which to fight diseases.

In Roche, we have several HPCs providing an answer to those questions and a number of projects going on to bring new ones running the latest technology innovation into production.

This evolution and technology transformation requires strong technical profiles with a mindset where changes are happening at a fast pace but always ensuring that the daily work of our scientists is not impacted.

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