What about the development?


Without a doubt development opportunities and professional growth are important factors when it comes to deciding which company to work for. A candidate does not just take into consideration the chances to get a promotion in a new position,  but he or she might also  think about new and challenging projects and tasks that could arise in the future.

A candidate really assesses projects and contents that could be interesting and that could lead to professional growth. Imagine a situation where a company offers you a position that you know you are capable of doing but will never change. Probably, you would think this does not sound very appealing.

That is the main reason why professionals are looking for companies that can provide them with challenging work. These new challenges should move the employee out of their comfort zone and it should translate into a learning experience so that in time the employee will acquire and develop new abilities.

This is not just of benefit to the employee but also to the company; you will have become a better and more complete professional that can assume a greater variety of projects and tasks.

This is why in Roche we bet high for development. This is a fact present in our culture and in our daily work. For example at PIMS, every employee has an individual development plan that is agreed between the employee and the manager on a yearly basis. With this plan we try to establish clear objectives that should help each employee to grow professionally

You are responsible for your own development, but it is always easier if the environment you are working in makes it easier. In Roche you can find several initiatives and programmes that will allow you to grow professionally, such as collaborating with other departments, or even having experience with other affiliates or sites.

Even though the opportunities are there, it is always welcome to refresh them and encourage the people to take them. For that reason, last year on the 9th of July, in the annual site event, IT ROCKS, the main subject was DEVELOPMENT, with the theme “Take the risk, it´s in your DNA”. Through the experience and speeches of some colleagues, managers and other speakers we had the opportunity to see different perspectives of professional development. During the day we enjoyed not just the discourses, but also a great and fun day with our colleagues.

Are you looking for a challenge? Are you ready to step forward and grow professionally in a multinational environment? Then let´s check out the opportunities waiting for you.

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