How working in an IT infrastructure department in a big company looks like?


If you have ever asked yourself how working in a IT Infrastructure department in a big company looks like, you may be willing to see how we work in PIMS (Pharma Informatic Madrid Site) the Roche Global IT Center in Madrid.

Today, I would like to introduce one of the core services we run at Pharma Informatics Madrid Site (PIMS), the Global Operations Center (GOC).

GOC service started two years ago at PIMS, and since then it's been growing from a simple event management department to a full support center. Formed by four teams running rotational shifts that cover 24x7 operations, it is core for the infrastructure management.

The Pharma Informatics organization manages globally more than 14000 servers, over 15000 network devices and an incredibly vast number of devices in the areas of network, storage, connectivity, and middleware that globally goes up to 70.000 infrastructure components. GOC monitors any possible incident on any of these devices and provides first level support.

Our organization manages over 30000 events and thousands of requests per month. GOC makes it possible thanks to the main asset of this service: a team made of very dynamic and competent people, with a very positive mindset and the willingness and the vision to make this service the best possible one.

Based on a wise combination of local resources and a managed service plus a heavy usage of automation capabilities in a self-healing environment, GOC allows the operations organization to support and maintain this enormous infrastructure in a very efficient way. The close interaction with the experts in the different technological areas constantly increases our knowledge and pushes the continuous improvement of our operational and troubleshooting processes.

You may be impressed by the energy and intensity of the work at any moment of the day or night, any day of the year: 60” screens in the walls warn us about the most critical issues, we check the requests created by the users, talk to them, interact with our colleagues from other departments… The times when the shift changes is especially intense, handing over open issues to the colleagues and taking some minutes to discuss about everything that has passed in the last hours. And then you realize that despite occasional stressful moments these people are not only good professionals: they are really having fun in this work.

You will hear more about us, but instead of waiting, why don’t you come and join us?

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