Business Intelligence or the importance of getting the right data

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In IT information matters and, in fact, it does a lot. That’s why reporting skills are so important when you need to have a detailed view at your data in order to make the right decisions for your organization. Reporting functions in Roche do not only help the core Pharma business, they are also a key part of the IT function.

They help us to analyze the way we deal with operations, how well we deploy software or if a project is compliant from the budget perspective, just to give a few examples. In Roche, we are fan of the numbers but not just for fun, they give us the chance to understand facts about the past, the current situation and even foresee what would be coming next.

What is Business Intelligence all about?

A complete and accurate definition is available in Wikipedia but if I have to put it a nutshell, would be: join technology around handling data and business logic to take decisions based on the information collected from diverse sources. Most of those decisions will help to choose the right actions for what the business needs.

Business Intelligence, could be just another buzzword together with Big Data or Cloud Computing, but luckily for the good of the IT community is not. If we look a little bit into past history, Business Intelligence is nothing new. In fact, the first time the term was used was in 1865.

So, how we do it @Roche?

We work with the cutting-edge technologies and the vendors located in top of Gartner’s magic quadrant of Business Intelligence software such as SAP, Oracle and Tableau, just to mention the most relevant ones.

In Roche, reports matter, from the highest level ones seen by the senior management to the detailed ones used by the operational teams to detect the needs for improvement and become more proactive.

Are you a geek of the reports? Do you die for making awesome graphs that will astonish your manager? Don’t doubt it andtake the next step joining Roche.

Written  by Iker Arbildi - Senior Support Processes & Continuous Improvement

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