Scientists, engineers and technicians from more than 30 nations are working in Basel to develop new medicines for various diseases. There is a strong research focus on neuroscience, but we also do research in infectious and rare disease as well as in ophthalmology.

The focus of research in the central nervous system is on Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia, two diseases which affect millions of patients. Depression and neurodevelopmental disorders are additional fields of scientific focus.

Supporting the discovery efforts at the site are units involved in Assay Development and High Throughput Screening, Molecular Structure Research, Microtechnologies and Automation. Roche also maintains a comprehensive Compound Depository and Library. These activities are complemented by global Non-Clinical Safety and global Scientific Informatics groups and strong groups that are implementing innovative, biomarker-guided approaches to drug discovery and development. Also based in Basel are several development groups which represent the range of expertise needed to run clinical trials, including clinical research and exploratory development, clinical science, safety science, and regulatory affairs.