Unsere Performance

Ausgewählte Performance Indikatoren

Wir generieren Mehrwert für alle unsere Anspruchsgruppen und verfolgen unsere Performance anhand Finanz- und Nichtfinanzkennzahlen/ Nachhaltigkeitsfaktoren.

Die gekennzeichneten Zahlen (✓PwC) wurden von der Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft PricewaterhouseCoopers geprüft.

Key performance indicators 2016

1 Top 25 selling products by revenue

2 Due to a change in calculation method, 2014 figures are not comparable to 2013 and 2012 numbers

3 Based on the World Bank Country classifications, July 1st 2014

4 Top positions at corporate and operating Group level

5 Cumulated number

6 PSCI audit reports or filled-in PSCI questionnaires

7 Preferred Suppliers include critical, strategic and leverage suppliers, plus suppliers that are in scope of Supplier Diversity programs. 2014 and 2015 figures: direct spend only.

8 The Help&Advice Line has been launched Dec. 2, 2013

9 With effect as of Oct. 2014, all BEIs have to be reported and thus the KPI was changed to alleged BEIs.

Before said date, only material BEIs were reported (see Annual Report 2012 and 2013). Consequently, the 2014 figure is expected to be higher

10 The Roche eco-balance refers to the consumption of energy and resources and the pollution caused by business activities. It thus describes the total environmental impact of our operations

11 Core results exclude non-core items such as global restructuring charges and amortisation and impairment of goodwill and intangible assets

12 For the year 2016 as proposed by the Board of Directors

13 GEOS findet nicht jährlich statt. Die letzte Umfrage wurde 2014 durchgeführt. 2017 steht die nächste Befragung an.