Service Support Specialist

China, Shanghai, Shanghai

You will be responsible to provide all scheduling service management and monitoring, including but not limited installation planning, preventive maintenance scheduling, modification management and other planning service. Providing coordination and supporting for customer service.

  • Responsible for drawing up the plans of the installation, ensuring the installation progress achieve customers' requirements;
  • Coordinating with sales, logistics, distributor, customer and service team to fix the installation related issues, following the site preparation and the pending installation,making sure the installation completed successfully;
  • Responsible for preventive maintenance scheduling and quality reporting. Monitoring the case creating and assignment,improving the accuracy of the system;
  • Responsible for modification management and progress monitoring, ensuring the modification work according to the plan and the service manual and timely completed;
  • SOP preparation and reviewing and supporting initiating & implementing maintenance system, Monitoring the equipment installation / modification progress, quality and feedback;
  • Responsible for the instrument 3G networking project implementation and management, improving project implementation, to solve problems;
  • Responsible for the A / B level customers new maintenance project implementation and management, improvement of project implementation, solving new issues related to the implementation process. Responsible for management and coordination with vendor (UPS& water instrument  & other) / Roche service team / marketing / logistics, resolve the related issue of installation and service, ensuring the successful completion of the installation and service.