Healthcare System Partner

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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The Mission

  • Health care is changing: Aging population, radical innovation, increased openness to change, increasing patient empowerment, multiple sources of medical information, overloading in the public sector and pressure on public spending. As a result of all this, the needs of our stakeholders and the healthcare system continue to evolve.

  • The Healthcare System Partner (HSP) is an empowered leader and the local face of Roche Hong Kong, Macau and GBA working closely with typical and atypical system-level healthcare stakeholders such as FHB, ITB, HA, DoH, CPO, CCF/ SF committees, lCOC/CC, HKAPI, legislative council members, think tank and social welfare sector...etc..

  • The HSP acts as a trusted partner and the primary (but non-exclusive) point of contact between stakeholders and Roche. She or he shares the stakeholder community vision and value internally, prioritizes and secures resources, and drives solutions that deliver outcomes faster.

  • This role is locally embedded in the HK Macau GBA ecosystem, it is an integrated role, functionally agnostic, (i.e. it does not fit into the traditional concepts of Commercial/Sales or Medical Affairs).

  • It has no profitability, sales objectives or sales incentives.

  • All Roche Hong Kong & Macau employees are to lead by example, in the network way of working.  This is where solutions are sourced from the internal and external network first, to avoid duplications, and to achieve better patient outcomes faster. 

  • All Roche Hong Kong & Macau employees are to lead by example in accelerating the digital maturity of Roche internally and in the external healthcare environment, aligned with the long term Roche vision of Personalized Health Care.

Major Accountabilities

  • All Roche employees are expected to effectively contribute to cross-functional collaboration and coordination and comply with all laws, regulations, policies & procedures that govern our business.

  • This position profile serves only to give a broad outline of the duties required and will be renewed and amended at periodic intervals in the consultation with the incumbent.

  • The HSP partners with the stakeholders, identifies shared purpose and value, co-creates solutions and co-implements them to drive healthcare system innovation and unlock possibilities in service of better health outcomes for more patients faster in a sustainable way to society. By doing so the HSP will be directly accountable to challenge and shape the healthcare system. 

  • This position may be consulted on the P&L of the business. The individual is responsible for ensuring the most efficient use of company funds (OPEX) to deliver their personal outcomes, and to continue to use the wider Roche Network to find existing solutions, or to share new local solutions. Time and cost efficiencies should be made each time a similar project is completed. 

  • This role will take the lead on the Roche 10 year ambition relating to Patient Value in Hong Kong ensuring meaningful progress is being made.

  • HSP partners with system-level stakeholders to:

  • Expedite drug enlistment/ reimbursement 

  • Enhance the efficiency of the HK Macau healthcare system based on OneRoche healthcare system priorities and the shared vision with stakeholders community. The means included but not limited to streamlining procedure, adoption of new technology and public private partnership

  • Co-create a better GBA healthcare ecosystem and expedite GBA policy implementation 

  • Co-create a better personalised healthcare ecosystem through MGTO and CGP interrelated access strategy, new technology adoption, infrastructure building and policy shaping etc.

  • Shape the healthcare ecosystem for the new disease areas in Roche pipeline eg ophthalmology and alzheimer's

Mindset & Behaviours

  • Embrace the Roche Values of Integrity, Courage & Passio.

  • Demonstrate Roche Leadership Commitment & Core Competencies.

  • VACC- Embrace and master VACC (visionary, architect, coach, catalyst) behavior.

  • Growth- Ability to learn and unlearn quickly, take risks and experiment, and contribute to the learning cycle by sharing knowledge with others inside and outside Roche.

  • Value creation- Boldly act on key decisions and opportunities and boldly stop any activity that is not adding value. Ability to say “No” to stakeholders when the value is not predictable/foreseen.

  • Digital- Be Innovative and drive digital transformation across organizations and industries to bring value and impact to the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Enterprise- Think from an enterprise level, beyond boundaries and borders, to bring the best possible outcomes to both the local health environment, and more broadly, across Roche globally.

  • Enablers

    • Embrace agile ways of working to facilitate the transformation journey and achieve our North Star.

    • Enabler mindset to leverage the internal and external networks to create value and scale impact.

  • Self-managed- Self-management and self-direction - altruistic in supporting the global network to embrace PAM (Purpose. Autonomy and Mastery).

Experiences. Knowledges & Qualifications

  • HK&M Capabilities are required for the role:  Customer Centricity, Innovative: thinking,  Managing Ambiguity, Analysis and Decision-making,Entrepreneurial Thinking, Shared & Servant Leadership.

  • Deep understanding of healthcare system, processes and governance.

  • Experience in customer engagement and management.

  • Broad understanding of Roche’s present portfolio and future pipeline, such that they can work on future-based solutions.

  • Experience in leading cross functional teams is desired. Cross-functional leadership experience in both formulating cross-functional strategies and orchestrating cross-functional teams is desirable.

  • Strong business acumen with desired expertise in commercialization and customer experience excellence.

  • Understand and leverage digital means and tools for the benefit of all stakeholders is highly desirable.

  • Sensitive leader who senses, reflects and responds.

  • University degree (scientific, health policy, economic, or business degree). An advanced degree in Life science and/or MBA is a plus.

  • Practical understanding of digital innovation methodologies.

  • Fluent in local language. Proficient in English to collaborate internally across the broader Roche enterprise is highly desirable.

  • CCXA Academy (desirable).