Digital Delivery Lead

Spain, Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès

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As a Digital Delivery Lead you will play a key role in working with Roche Diabetes Care Digital teams to increase customer value, business value and agility by becoming more customer centric, leveraging synergies and fostering cross collaborating with other teams.

You will be contributing to strategic and cross-functional projects to ensure successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of the project tasks.  

Your tasks will include planning, executing, monitoring, control and closure of the projects you are accountable for, in close coordination with the Digital Solutions Owner(s) and the Digital Service Delivery Manager(s).  


Role and Responsibilities

  • Accountable for delivering projects and products using the appropriate agile project management methodology, learning & iterating frequently
  • Work with the Digital Solution owner to support  the roadmap definition for any given product and translate this into user stories
  • Collaborate with the Digital Service Delivery Manager to ensure that there is a smooth transition to the productive state of the product/service and helping to close the feedback loop about product/service usage to incorporate final customers feedback
  • Setting up the agile environment your team needs to build and iterate a user-centered service removing obstacles or ‘blockers’ to progress helping the team becoming better at autonomously organizing their own work making sure accessibility is factored into each feature or activity the team’s working on
  • Lead the collaborative, dynamic planning process – prioritizing the work that needs to be done against the capacity and capability of the team
  • Matrix-managing a multidisciplinary team
  • Protect the team and make sure the team collaborates, communicates and focuses on what is most important
  • Coach team members and others, facilitating continuous improvement and apply the most appropriate agile and lean tools and techniques
  • Proactively manage dependencies, overcome obstacles and get the best value against constraints
  • Responsible for contributing to the development of detailed project plans; identifying resource needs to support delivery efforts and coordinating the daily activities of the development teams in alignment with project plans and accountable of the delivery
  • Act as the single point of contact of delivery status          
  • Manage project delivery risks
  • Ensure control over project budget


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 8-10 years of experience in project and delivery management
  • Experience in agile methodology
  • Knowledge of software development life-cycle
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate working teams, including the ability to drive and facilitate cross-functional discussions and project reviews
  • Demonstrated effective leadership and analytical skills
  • Strong deductive reasoning, critical thinking, problem-solving, and prioritization skills
  • Ability to present complex solutions and methods to the general community
  • Strong verbal communication skills to speak to customers and delivery team members daily as well as good written communication skills to create detailed reports. Written communication skills are also a must
  • Well-organized and good at juggling multiple tasks
  • Ability to identify and compare the best processes or delivery methods to use and to recognize when something does not work and encourages a mindset of experimentation
  • Can adapt and reflect, is resilient and has the ability to see outside of the process
  • Able to measure and evaluate outcomes and  to help teams to manage and visualize outcomes
  • Capable of managing stakeholders’ expectations and be flexible also for proactive and reactive communication
  • Facilitate the delivery flow of a team, managing the pace and tempo
  • Actively address internal and external risks, issues and dependencies including where ownership exists outside the team
  • Understanding of the environment and ability to prioritize the most important or highest value tasks. Able to use data to inform planning. Able to manage complex internal and external dependencies. Able to provide delivery confidence. Able to remove blockers or impediments that affect the plan and is able to develop a plan for difficult situations. Ensures teams plan appropriately for their own capacity.