Post Doc in AAV-based Gene Therapy: Optimization of AAV vector DNA to drive high level, cell type-specific and stable expression of transgenes in vitro and in vivo (m/w/d)

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The position:

You will join an expert team in the Large Molecule Research unit of Roche Pharma Research & Early Development (pRED), with the focus on AAV-based medicines to cure genetic diseases with high medical need.

The objective of your work is to design, generate and characterize novel recombinant AAV vectors that meet disease specific requirements with a focus on transgene and capsid engineering. Your position is in Pharma Research & Early Development at the Roche Innovation Center Munich located in Penzberg. Part of the work is in collaborations with international Roche sites as well as academic labs.

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following tasks:

  • You will be responsible to address all topics and perform all tasks that are necessary to successfully achieve the objectives of the RPF project
  • This includes design, generation and characterization of novel AAV vector genomes and AAV particles.
  • You will execute the RPF project proactively with internal and external partners
  • You will identify, develop, and implement new technologies
  • Furthermore, you make sure that your technology and intellectual capabilities related to the RPF project are ‘top class’. This includes attending (and presenting at) scientific meetings, publication of scientific advances (after appropriate IP-protection) and interacting with the academic community.

Who you are:

  • You hold a PhD or MD PhD degree in natural or medical sciences with scientific contributions in the field of viruses or gene therapy
  • You have hands on experience in the field of adeno associated viruses and virus vector technology, including small scale production and in vitro cellular assays
  • Your qualification should be clearly demonstrated by at least one first author paper published or accepted in a high-quality journal during your PhD
  • You are highly motivated and flexible to work on challenging frontline projects
  • Besides being a team player you also have the ability to work independently with excellent planning and organizational skills
  • You recognize that working on frontline projects requires creativity, but also a large degree of perseverance
  • Highly effective communication skills are one of your strengths
  • Fluent English skills, written and spoken, complete your profile

This position is fixed termed to 2 years with the potential extension for an additional year.

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Contact person for applicants

E. Hallermayer-Jahreiß, 08856 60 19253

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Application Documents

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