Senior. Manager, Biomarker Medical

中国, 上海, Shanghai Long Dong Av.

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Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities

1. Driving internal key stakeholders, such as whole BSL strategy team and field based BSL team, Medical Science teams and CBT team, to develop overarching biomarker strategies with good business alignment and provide expertise to support the development of each disease area associated biomarker strategies across Roche portfolio.
 Leading internal key stakeholders to periodically update biomarker strategy and plan to reflect the change of testing competitive landscape and critical business strategy change if appropriate
 Be responsible for developing each disease area biomarker strategy with biomarker expertise and aligned with the company strategy and testing evolving trends.
2. Accountable for the effectiveness of national level biomarker tactics delivery with the alignment from BSL regional team and key internal stakeholders.
 With the agility to initiate national level innovation to support the effectiveness of biomarker strategy.

 Maximize testing value for Roche product and portfolio development.
 Streamline internal communication, understanding, alignment, and resource effective allocation regarding to overarching biomarker strategy across each disease area and products.
 Ensuring strict medical compliance in biomarker activities designing
3. Accountable for strengthening scientific partnership with China Biomarker Area Expertise (BAE) /hospitals/medical society, and demonstrate Roche as a reliable, trust-worthy, academic partner for China biomarker testing development.
 Be biomarker expertise of Roche related disease area and its portfolio, explore, develop and maintain a network of national level Biomarker Area Experts and medical society in the biomarker areas in order to maintain and reinforce the scientific leadership of the Company
4. Manage a team of Biomarkers strategy team to ensure the excellence of biomarker strategies quality deliveries.
 To optimize biomarker strategy team organization, JD, core competencies model and its capabilities in short and long term and engagement plan to fit the business development
 Recruitment for a high standard Biomarkers strategy team by the collaboration with HR function as the plan
 Enrich the biomarker strategy team training needs and deliver the relevant training program as the plan
 Identify and develop talent and retention high performers.
 Coach and support Biomarkers strategy team to build up the capability and working skills to achieve KPIs for best performance and career development.
5. Keeping business agility for new business model exploring through innovative approach, supporting, monitoring and optimizing whole BSL team’s biomarker strategy implementation effectiveness
 Ensure team and key internal and external stakeholder’s full understanding and alignment with the biomarker strategy.
 Regularly review and modify BSL strategy plan during implementation to ensure full support to key medical activities.
 Systemically seek feedbacks and suggestions from external customers and internal stakeholders for strategy and implementation plan constant improvement.
 Keeping business agility for new business model exploring through innovative approach
6. Actively build up cross-functional partnership and supporting the implementations of brand associated biomarker strategies
 Be the key contact point of accountability for all inquiries and communications regarding the biomarker aspects of pathology.
 Actively build up internal cross-functional partnership for biomarker testing
 Enhancing the cross-functional collaboration between BSL team and commercial team or other stakeholders through biomarker situation analysis, strategy alignment and implementation effectiveness communication.
 Ensure biomarker medical and scientific supports to the commercial activities, including biomarker medical input into the brand strategy.
7. Compliance adherence
 Ensure all biomarker strategy and implementation plan strictly adhere to Roche SOPs/codes and local regulations

Qualification and Experience
- Solid experience in the biomarker related pharmaceutical industry (≥ 5 years)
- Experienced in people and budget management in a pharmaceutical organization is preferred (≥2 years)
- Experience in relative area like biology, pharmacy, pathology and medicine
- Master Degree or above, major in Clinical Medicine, Pharmaceutical or life science related subjects.

Leadership Competencies
- Strategic thinking and planning skills.
- Demonstrated ability in cross-functional leadership.
- Situational leadership and communication/ influencing skill

- Results orientated
- Ability to drive the delivery of commitment in a cross functional team

Job Required Competencies
- Excellent performance driven, enthusiasm and commitment
- Proven track record of cross-functional collaborative
- Proven track record in project management
- Good data analysis skills
- Proven persuasive written and oral communication skills
- Good Interpersonal, influencing and networking skills