Principal Bioinformatics Scientist II

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Position Summary:

We are seeking a Bioinformatics Scientist to join our team of talented scientists working at the cutting edge of bioinformatics research. If you are enthusiastic about developing novel solutions for challenging bioinformatics problems, then drop in your resume for wit us. Our research includes different kinds of sequencing data analyses, including diverse kinds of omics data from both existing and upcoming sequencing technologies. You will utilize your in-depth experience and expertise of bioinformatics to guide and define directions for innovative bioinformatics applications. As a senior researcher, you will lead multiple research activities and your work is expected to be of high quality with a fanatic attention to detail. You will have the opportunity to work in a highly collaborative environment and lead cross-functional research activities for a broad learning and impactful experience. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Effectively lead a research project team, estimate resource requirements, and define project plans.

  • Collaborate closely with other departments in an inter-functional setting to meet research goals, working closely with experimentalists to design and analyze studies to improve bioinformatics analysis approaches.

  • Work proactively with stakeholders and independently recommend solutions to technical problems during the course of the research project. Participate in planning, study design, and critical decision-making.

  • Maintain detailed documentation and use strong technical writing skills to prepare reports, presentations, manuscripts, and posters.

  • Propose, prototype, and validate bioinformatics applications with sequencing as well as non-sequencing data.

  • Performing data analytics to discover and develop novel biomarkers. 

  • Recommend, plan and guide bioinformatics research and development.

  • Effectively communicate analysis results to different technical and non-technical groups. Present results and progress updates at internal or external meetings, make presentations to scientific collaborators, and support publications.

  • Reliably provide expert-level technical support to other team members and groups.

 Minimum Qualifications:

  • A Master's Degree (in bioinformatics, biostatistics, computational biology, computer science, or a related field) and 10 years of related experience, or Ph.D. and 7 years of related experience. In-depth experience in method development for sequencing data analysis.

  • Experience serving as a technical lead, influencing senior management decisions, and advocating in cross-functional teams for bioinformatics activities.

  • Good knowledge of best practices for analyzing sequencing data.

  • Good knowledge in genomics and/or statistics/machine learning.

  • Expertise in algorithm optimization and experiment design. Proven ability to proactively evaluate methods and propose directions to improve.

  • Proficiency in programming, e.g. Python, Java, or C++.

  • Skills in data analytics or data science are a plus.

  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.

  • Team player known for your fanatical attention to detail at scale in a fast-paced environment.

About Us

You will join a group of scientists in our Bioinformatics Research and Early Development team dedicated to building innovative products and approaches for the analysis and interpretation of next-generation sequencing data.

The science of interpreting the human genome is an exciting work in progress. Next-generation sequencing and genomic technologies are providing us with unprecedented visibility into the origins of health and disease. However, the main challenge is enabling the analysis, management and interpretation of massive datasets being produced by scientists and researchers around the world.

We know the ability to analyze and manage these datasets will revolutionize how we diagnose disease, develop drugs, and treat patients, especially in complex cases such as cancer.

With a strong interdisciplinary knowledge in science and technology, we are elevating the speed and quality of genomic analysis, bringing us one step closer to solutions that will change and save lives.

The Bioinformatics Research and Early Development team is part of Roche Sequencing and located in Santa Clara, California.

Why work with us?

Because you have worked hard to master your craft but you want to do more and make your mark in this world. You are relentless in the pursuit of excellence and you are ready to code to cure.

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