2nd pRED Award - Oncology Award for Antibody-based Cancer Therapy Research

Start to hand in your abstract now!

The pRED Oncology Award was created in 2013. pRED`s Discovery Oncology unit of Roche in Penzberg, Germany, invites European researchers to submit abstracts which describe their scientific work in cancer therapy. This year the topics are: "Apoptosis resistance mechanisms and autophagy in cancer therapy" or "Splicing processes as a novel approach in cancer therapy".


The award will honor and support outstanding research in the academic field and will further strengthen Roche´s interaction with the international research community.


Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of experts and selected for presentation and awards on the basis of scientific merit. The twelve best contributions will be elected and the authors will be invited to the Roche Penzberg campus for presentations and poster discussions on November 13 and 14, 2014.

Thereafter, three winners will be selected and receive an award of 4000 €, 2000 € and 1000 € respectively.

The deadline for abstract submission is August 15, 2014.


The competition is open for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from Europe.

Roche employees as well as medical professionals involved in prescribing, supply or administration of medicines or persons who recommends, procure or sell medicines are not admitted to the competition.

Here you can find further information and details about how to submit the abstract.

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