About the Business Perspectives Program

Program Goals and Scope

Business Perspectives was designed to hire great talent at an early stage in their career, and accelerate their development across geographies & functions, enabling them to be a key contributor to our company’s purpose, and above all a differentiator to patients lives.

Hungry to learn and prepared to work hard, we have a genuine interest in your career path & aspirations. As you display the right mindset & behaviors, we want you to reach your full potential by taking on stretched assignments, participating in pilot projects & doing on-the-job shadowing.

Innovation is at the core of our culture; it is not just the sum of great technology, key acquisitions, smart people and tough decision making. Our company’s corporate culture matches and supports it.  Our continued success depends on our ability to replenish our pharma and diagnostics pipeline through further innovation breakthroughs.

The Business Perspectives Program does exactly that: create an environment in which potential & diversity of thinking is leveraged to shape the future of Roche, the future of Healthcare.

Roche Pharma

Our pharma division is focused on translating excellence in science into effective medicines that support our purpose of “doing now what patients need next.”  We combine our broad-based portfolio and industry leading pipeline with global scale and reach in clinical development, manufacturing and commercial operations in order to be one of the world’s leading providers of clinically differentiated medicines.

Roche Diagnostics

Healthcare is undergoing a paradigm shift. As people live longer, grow older and face serious illness – such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes – there are new challenges for both patients and caregivers.

Through providing the right information, Diagnostics enable healthcare professionals to work more knowledgeably so that they can make better treatment decisions. Driving this change are the new biomarkers and testing technologies, which give laboratories an expanded role in delivering improved patient outcomes.

Personalised Healthcare

Personalised Healthcare means fitting treatments to different groups of patient. It’s the core of our Group Strategy. For some diseases, our diagnostic tests can identify those patients most likely to respond to a specific treatment – that means physicians are better able to decide whom, how and when to treat their patients.

Program Details:

  • Duration: 4 six-month rotations across different countries and functions, during a 2-year time period. If a sales rotation is part of the journey, participants may do a total of 3 rotations as sales rotations tend to be 12 months.
  • Assignments and Locations: Program participants take ownership of their rotations with support from executive-level mentors and the Business Perspectives Program Manager. Ideally they gain experience in global, regional and affiliate roles. Rotation functions vary depending on interest, business need and the participants’ aspired career path. They can include roles in Product Strategy/Marketing, Sales, Market Access, Personalized Healthcare 2.0, Diagnostics Information Solutions, Business Development etc. Rotation locations have included Algeria, Brazil, China, Dubai, India, Kenya, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Ireland, Norway, Russia, France, Germany, Italy. Roche operates across 100 countries and Business Perspectives participants are expected to stretch themselves outside of their cultural comfort zones.
  • Leadership Development: Business Perspectives provides participants with a global leadership development program aimed at establishing a broader understanding of the business, build intercultural awareness, experience leadership fundamentals in action, and accelerate their development in order to prepare themselves to potentially move into a critical role. There is a mix of facilitator-led training and simulations, which helps participants to immediately apply what they have learnt. A 360 review conducted prior to the program as well as feedback from fellow participants and facilitators will help participants to gain some insights into their strengths and areas for development as a Leader. The leadership development program also offers a great opportunity to network with other participants and Leaders from around the globe. Apart from formal training, there are multiple peer coaching opportunities and senior leadership mentoring.
  • Eligibility Criteria:

- Excellent academic profile: Degree in business, science, or data science and a postgraduate degree (MBA, PhD, MD, MEng, MSc etc). Ideally post-graduate degree and an MBA.

- 3-5 years of working experience in the following industries: Pharma, Diagnostics, Biotech, Med Tech, Information Technology (healthcare oriented preferred) or Consulting to Healthcare. Exposure to either commercial roles, or projects related to innovation in digital or advanced analytics technologies for the healthcare industry.

- Worked or studied in more than one country, preferably in a developing region (i.e. Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Africa or Eastern Europe).

- Fluent/Bilingual in English, and a second language. Any other language is an asset.

- Global mobility throughout the 2 year rotational program, and afterwards.

- Strong strategic & entrepreneurial mindset, with the ability to think analytically and innovatively.

- Courageous, creative and inspired by change with the capacity to think out of the box when the situation requires flexibility and speed.

- Agile learner with strong leadership potential.

You bring a passion for healthcare/science and demonstrate the Roche Values: integrity, courage and passion, and the Roche Leadership Commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions