Marketing in a nutshell

Would you like to help us communicate our role at the forefront of our industry? Roche is a market leader in oncology, transplantation, and virology, and the world leader in-vitro diagnostics. Our passion keeps us developing innovative products and solutions every day. And we want to make sure our success and our progress are communicated effectively which is why marketing is a key strategic function at Roche.

If you have established yourself in the field of marketing and seek to advance your carerr in this field, youll be happy to know that Roche offers many excellent opportunities. Challenging and diversified jobs await you in strategic marketing and planning, the development and maintenance of international branded products, and much more.

Take strategic marketing, for example: Here, you will find yourself securing relevant business data and definitions in close cooperation with our development units. Depending on the position, youll be asked to manage so-called lifecycle teams, which are responsible for defined products, starting from their development throughout their entire lifecycles.

Alternatively, you could be entrusted with managing branded products of our pharmaceuticals division from therapeutic fields such as oncology, haematology and autoimmune diseases, anaemia, primary healthcare, medical specialists and hospitals.

If diagnostics is more appealing to you, you might end up taking responsibility for the marketing of products from the fields of Professional Services, Molecular Diagnostics, Applied Sciences and Diabetes Care. Needless to say, all of our activities are performed in accordance with the specifications and guidelines of government institutions and medical establishments.

Other important marketing fields include strategic planning, healthcare economics and, last but not least, marketing communications and public policy.

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