Market Access in a nutshell

Our aim is for every person who needs our products to be able to access and benefit from them.

At Roche, we are passionate about following the science in areas of high unmet need to develop innovative medicines that provide meaningful benefits to patients. Yet that is only part of our responsibility. Without ensuring access, patients will not have the opportunity to realize the value our innovations can bring.

Global Pricing & Market Access supports Roche’s role & vision for access and pricing through Value Based Pricing (VBP). We are leaders in developing solutions that advance patient access and sustain our investment in R&D. The work we undertake is complex and evolving, but entirely necessary if we hope, as a company, to make a difference in the lives of patients around the world.

In highly developed healthcare systems, such as Europe and North America, we must understand and gain endorsement from HTA and payers for the evidence that supports the value of our innovations in order to gain reimbursement for patients. In the developing world, access challenges can vary greatly – from infrastructure barriers (access to diagnostics, distribution of medicines, treatment pathways, etc.) to economic realities that may require a different approach to pricing negotiations. Regardless of the challenges we face, as a company we remain dedicated to finding the path forward that offers sustainable solutions.

How GPMA collaborates to achieve results

We define and communicate the value of our products through collaboration with local market access and pricing experts as well as by consulting with in-market experts and academia. GPMA are also responsible for integrating HTA/payer insights into value drivers and clinical development programs, commercial planning and launch execution. Our teams develop and test HTA/payer acceptance of innovative clinical endpoints as well as health-economic concepts; we also engage with local and supranational organisations to explore innovative approaches to funding our medicines (e.g. PRM) or to assess the value of our products. Throughout GPS we enable stakeholders to increase their awareness and understanding of HTA/payer needs via training and events, such as the MORSE Academy and the Roche Global Payer Forum. We also work closely with Global Public Affairs to increase access to our medicines in emerging markets.

GPMA contributes during the development stages of all products. Before a product reaches LIP, we provide pricing and market access guidance for TPP reviews and clinical development strategy and we aggregate epidemiological and pricing data for critical investment decisions. After LIP, we give strategic input into further development, commercialisation and filing plans. We lead the product specific Global and International Payer Evidence Teams as well as issuing the Global Payer and Pricing Plan and evaluating HTA/payer gaps in our pivotal studies and how best to address them. During the commercialisation phase, we support affiliates with local procedures, providing tools to assist their local HTA/payer strategy. We also approve affiliate pricing and reimbursement submission requests. For potential new products to our portfolios, we provide expertise in HTA/payer value and business potential assessment and participate in due diligence meetings to assess strategic fit, as well as risks and opportunities.