Market Access

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Our aim is to deliver rapid, broad and sustainable patient access

Roche is dedicated to discovering, developing and delivering innovative healthcare solutions that have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients and their families.

Our Global Access organisation, which brings together 150 colleagues with unique skill-sets and expertise from diverse disciplines, such as policy, pricing, health economics, epidemiology and access evidence, is committed to finding innovative and holistic solutions that result in rapid, broad and sustainable patient access.

The Global Access team works with our local market access experts as well as a number of external stakeholders, including patient representatives, policymakers, payers, health technology assessment (HTA) agencies and academia, to identify and address the root causes of access hurdles.

Based on our deep understanding of healthcare systems as well as the patient journey, we are generating comprehensive access approaches that address affordability, value recognition, capacity and outcome certainty. These areas are of paramount importance to those seeking to deliver optimal care within resource-constrained environments.

Our colleagues also ensure access is an integral part of the development and commercialisation stages of our products, starting at the earliest points of a molecule’s life-cycle and going up to and beyond its launch. A key element of this work is making sure we have the evidence packages required to demonstrate the value our products deliver to patients, their families and society.

In addition to this, we are developing value-based pricing strategies to meet the needs of payers today. We are also working with policy makers to make sure healthcare systems are ready for the next generation of innovations as part of our longer-term efforts to advance patient access and sustain our investment in research and development.

Access to our medicines and innovative solutions is as important as the scientific advances themselves; the quality and efficacy of our products will only matter if they reach patients. We work across healthcare systems to ensure that important new breakthroughs are available to all patients who need them, regardless of economic standing or location around the world.