Manufacturing in a nutshell - a place for pioneers

Manufacturing in a nutshell - a place for pioneers

Manufacturing at Roche means supplying critical healthcare products for people around the world: we currently have 19 plants at 16 sites in 10 countries. Our diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical products comprises innovative medicines based on both, traditional chemistry and biotechnology, for a variety of different therapeutic areas and in various dosage forms. Secure and speedy production is key, and it is coordinated from our headquarters in Basel.

Have you gained practical experience in the fields of chemistry, biology, supply chain management and logistics, technology, quality management or procurement? Then your expertise will be a valuable asset in handling the key processes of our manufacturing sector – such as

  • Pharmaceutical product demand planning
  • Purchase of the necessary active ingredients, excipients and packaging materials
  • Production, packaging and storage of solid and liquid end products
  • Reviewing and ensuring compliance with quality standards and official requirements
  • Product development and provision of test pharmaceuticals for clinical studies
  • Design and construction of our state-of-the-art production facilities.

Our manufacturing experts are rightfully proud of many substantial achievements, a prime example being our biotech production. As you are surely aware, biopharmaceuticals have lead to therapeutic breakthroughs in a number of disease areas, notably in cancer treatment. The Roche Group has long-standing expertise in biotech and is a world leader in large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals. Several of Roche’s top-selling medicines are biotech medicines, and further growth in this area will open new and exciting opportunities.

Roche offers attractive jobs in technical operations and continue to invest in the development of our manufacturing sites.

If Roche sounds like the type of employer you’d like to be working for, take a look at our current job openings listed below. There’s every chance you’ll find an opportunity in your specific field of expertise.

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