From idea to medicine - Drug development at Roche

1,000,000,000 CHF invest 7,000,874 hours of work 6,587 experiments 423 researchers 1 drug ... it takes over 12 years and many steps since the first discovery of a molecule by our researchers until a doctor can prescribe our medicines whenever needed. Watch the video to learn more about the drug development process at Roche!

Shiva Malek, Senior Scientist at Genentech


Shiva was born in Iran and moved to the United States when she was 7 years old. Currently leading a group responsible for in vitro pharmacology support of all small molecule oncology programs at Genentech, Shiva also oversees all high-throughput screening efforts -- a role of large responsibility and high impact.

Mary Mallaney, Engineer, Pharma Technical Operations


Mary Mallaney is a graduate from Johns Hopkins University and a proud "Girl Geek". As an engineer in the Purification Development department working in South San Francisco, she supports the development and implementation of recombinant protein purification processes from laboratory to manufacturing scale.

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